Never Cursed

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He blessed even those who were hostile and inimical towards Him.

Baba Ji never cursed anybody in His whole life. Never did a word of ill will or of condemnation of anyone pass through His holy lips.

Brahm Giani Ki Sab Ooper Maiya
Brahm Giani Te Kuchh Bura Na Bhaiya

From a true Brahm Giani, Mercy (compassion) flows to all alike. No harm whatsoever can come from a Brahm Giani.

On the contrary, He even blessed those who talked ill of Him. He even once said, “If by going to a Saint or a Maha Purush, one is only to be cursed, then what is the difference between a Saint and a butcher.”

Once Bhai Rattan Singh Ji happened to mention to Baba Ji about a person who was in the perpetual habit to talking ill of Baba Ji. Baba Ji smiled and replied that the person concerned would be liberated earlier than Rattan Singh because he remembered, contemplated and concentrated on Him much more intensely compared to Rattan Singh.

Aap Mukt Mukt Kare Sansar
Nanak Tis Jan Ko Sada Namaskar
Being eternally free himself, he redeems the whole world.
Perpetual homage to such a saint.
Such rare Divines appear once in ages.

In singing the glories of the Lord in their holy congregations, the human beings easily cross over this Ocean of terrible existence.

He blessed even those who were hostile and inimical towards Him. No dispensation of His was devoid of compassion and mercy.

Compassion and Mercy flows to all alike from a Brahm Giani. No harm can ever come from such an illumined soul. Countless millions of creatures were redeemed and saved by His unbounded and infinite mercy and compassion. He not only saved devotees but also redeemed the ignorant and his enemies.