Resolves (Niyems ਨੇਮ) of Baba Nand Singh Ji Maharaj

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  1. Kisay Pason Koi Cheez Nahin Mangni.
  2. Paise Nu Hath Nahin Laona.
  3. Nagar Dey Vich Nahin Rehna.
  4. Kisay Dey Chithhi Patar Bhejan Tey Nahin Jana.
  5. Kisay Party Vich Shamal Nahin Hona.
  6. Kisay Dharam Asthan Ton Siropa Nahin Laina.
  7. Apney Nam Koi Jagir Nahin Lavaoni.
  8. Dastkhat Nahin Karney.
  9. Ekali Istri Nu Darshan Nahin Deney.
  10. Kisay Dey Ghar Akhand Path Tey Nahin Jana.
  11. Dewan Vich Ragian Tey Sangat Nalon
    Toaa Put Ke Niwan Baithhna.
  12. Kisay Dewan Ja Ekath Tey Nahin Jana.
  13. Guru Nanak Patshah Ton Bagair
    Kisay Jee Di Ustat Nahin Karani.

hese were the firm Resolves of a Spiritual Lion, set out on Path of Truth, in the Dark-Age of Kalyug. These Resolves (Niyems) point out total renunciation of worldliness in any of its form. He was totally averse to Lust and Lucre (Kamini and Kanchan), Fame and Name, Self-glorification, Publicity and Party and Power-Politics. He steered clear of all worldliness, Worldly attractions had no access to Him. They were totally powerless to show themselves up in the vicinity of His dwelling place. Their entry—physical, mental and Spiritual—was banned. Despite such Unique and Peerless renunciation, He always sat below the level of the feet of Sadh-sangat. He set afloat, soul-stirring and mind-boggling, examples of Humility, Nimrata and Garibi. For a True Lover, any step taken contrary to these resolves, is nothing else but dilution in the Purest of the Pure Love for the Highest of the High, Guru Nanak (Sri Guru Granth Sahib).

Undivided devotion to God is only possible if it is not frittered away in running schools, dispensaries and hospitals, in construction of Deras and large mansions, in publicity and self-glorification, in accumulation of wealth and riches of the world. These Niyems (Principles) substantiate Baba Nand Singh Ji Maharaj’s total detachment from this mundane world in exactly the same manner as the Lotus is unaffected and detached from the mire in which it stands.

These Niyems, Precepts, Dictates further prove that He had no selfish aim to realise. He was totally above self-glorification, name and fame. He had completely merged in God and it was God who was enacting a Divine Play in the Holy garb of Baba Nand Singh Ji Maharaj.

He was totally free from any thought and feeling of attachment, selfishness, mine and thine. Such feelings and thoughts are non-existent only in a state of perfect illumination.

Chit Na Bhayo Hamro Aavan Key
Chubhi Rahi Surat Prabh Charnan Main

Above is from the Video "Darvesi Ko Jansi Virla Ko Darves".

His mind and soul were one-pointedly fixed on the Lotus Feet of His Beloved Lord Guru Nanak from His very childhood and these stood totally withdrawn from this transitory and perishable world. He was solely devoted to God, totally immersed in Supreme Divine Bliss.

Har Man Tan Vasia Soi
Jai Jai Kar Karey Sabh Koi

Such blessed soul, mind and the body becomes the Image of God. Such a holy being cannot exist independent of the Light of God; the Divine Name fills every pore of His Body. Body becomes a part of God’s Body. The Will becomes a part of the Cosmic Will, God’s Will.

God’s Light and God’s Will radiate out from such a Holy Being and it is such a Holy person, the dust of whose Holy feet makes the earth which He treads also Holy. God is represented only by such a Holy person. He is the visible Form of God on earth. He is a True Illuminator.

When the Mind is taken over by the Guru, Soul becomes God.

Purity and impurity cannot simultaneously co-exist.

A pure mind is Jot-Saroop. A pure mind drenched in Divine Love cannot simultaneously indulge in Kamini and Kanchan, politics, name and fame, in self-glorification, monetary appeals, in accumulating wealth and worldly riches. A pure mind is filled with Divine Light. It is filled with Pure Bliss. A true Saint will never contaminate and pollute this Pure Light and Pure Bliss with anything worldly in content. Because Light and Darkness cannot simultaneously co-exist, Divine love and love of worldliness cannot co-exist, knowledge and ignorance cannot co-exist. His mind stood totally purged of all thoughts of Kamini and Kanchan, publicity, name and fame. That is why worldliness stands totally banished from His Pure Maryada. He never talked of worldliness nor He ever permitted anyone to talk anything worldly in His presence or in the places He stayed. No worldly thought could dare enter into the Holy dwelling places of Mahan Baba Ji. Such was the Powerful Miracle of the All Pervading Divine Name in His Holy Presence.

He strictly observed these Niyems or spiritual cannons till the end.

Baba Nand Singh Ji Maharaj stood above all mundane and selfish concerns and consequently shines at the pinnacle of all Spiritual Glory.