Nature Pays Obeisance.

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t was in the jungles of Dehradun that the Glorious Darbar of Sri Guru Nanak Sahib was in full bloom in the holy presence of Baba Nand Singh Ji Maharaj. It was monsoon season and the sky was overcast with dark thundering clouds. Kirtan was in progress but in the deafening sound of lightning and thunder nothing could be heard. It was time for Babaji to speak.

Mahan Babaji just looked up into the thundering sky. No sooner had He looked up, than the thundering clouds parted in four directions and the sky became absolutely clear. Full moon became clearly visible and its soothing beams started dancing on the jungle grass and provided a wonderful natural scene of beauty.

Suddenly pindrop silence pervaded the whole place. Such stillness is understandable in the assembly of congregation of thousands but through length and breadth of Nature, this phenomenon was amazing. Surcharged by the Nectar of the holy words which issued forth from Babaji's holy lips, the whole nature, the sky, the earth, the air, the water, the beasts, the animals, the birds, the insects, the trees, the jungle mushroom grass stood still and motionless fully intoxicated and enchanted. It appeared the whole congregation and the entire nature was floating in the Nectar overflowing in torrents from the holy physical presence of Babaji.

To witness human beings spell-bound in the rarest of the rare Satsangs of Mahan Babaji is a natural phenomenon but to see and behold the whole nature spell-bound and motionless for nearly one and a half hours' duration of Mahan Babaji's holy discourse was a rare experience. The birds, the frogs, the jackals, all remained calm and quiet. After the clouds had parted and thunder of lightning stopped, the wind and the breeze all remained motionless for the whole duration of the holy discourse. It was evident that all the elements of nature, all living creatures, were fully alive to and conscious of the holy physical presence of their Lord, Lord of Nature, Baba Nand Singh Ji Maharaj. They all appeared to be in the grip of a holy thrill and ecstasy.

At the end of the Diwan, Babaji asked the Sangat to go to the nearby villages for the night. Local villagers immediately got up and pleaded to Babaji to send the members of the holy sangat to stay with them. My respected father organised the members in groups to proceed to the villages. We were the last to proceed to a nearby village accompanied by a local man. As soon as we entered the courtyard of the said village-man, we noticed again a similar miracle. We looked up as pointed out by father. Clouds which had instantly parted on a signal from their Lord now again joined together as soon as the last member of the Sangat was under shelter and burst into a ferocious downpour. It was a terrible night, a night of heavy rain, lightning and thunder.

Numerous are the instances when the gods of elemental forces of Nature acted in total surrender, submissiveness, to their Master, their Monarch and their Creator. Nature always paid and offered its tribute in total humility.

Whenever Mahan Babaji spoke in the congregations, a peculiar, a total, pin drop silence prevailed. Every word spoken by Him invariably reached the heart of even the last person sitting farthest away. How the air used to convey His divine message to thousands, sitting totally spellbound, remains a mystery. It was a type of divine silence conveying the divine message to every yearning divine soul.

Baba Nand Singh Ji Maharaj, a personification of total humility, would never want to alter or desire the course of nature to change but nature felt blessed to change its own course in the divine presence of Babaji. It modified its own laws and course to serve its own Lord, Lord of Nature, in a spirit of touching humility.

As long as vital elements of Nature endure,
the sun and moon shine and exist,
the winds blow and the rivers flow,
so long will endure and last
the holy legend of
Baba Nand Singh Ji Maharaj.