Wisdom Divine

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During one of my early visits to Mahan Baba Nand Singh Ji Maharaj at the Holy Kutia - Thaath, I had the good fortune of listening to His holy discourses. I was only a college student then but the deep impressions of these discourses prompt me to write about the uniqueness of those impressions. I regret my inability to reproduce the discourse in its original flavour but whatever I can recall with my mean intellect is reproduced herein from one of the discourses I heard.

Ekadasi Fast was being observed by one and all in a kingdom whose Raja was a devoted person. On hearing that on this sacred day of Ekadasi, smoke was emanating from the house of one Sanmukh, the Raja summoned him to his presence and demanded to know the reasons for the non-observance of the fast by him. Sanmukh most humbly submitted:

“Rajan, I have found the true Guru. On His holy instructions, I have reduced my human wants of eating, sleeping to the minimum. I eat very little every day only to sustain my body, otherwise wholly immersed in devotion to the Holy Nam all the time. With regard to observance of fast, my Lord Guru has instructed me to keep a perpetual fast from all the evils. So esteemed Rajan, as far as fasting is concerned, I am with the Grace of my Lord Guru, observing a life-long fast, from all evils, from all sins. This life-long fast has rendered my whole life sacred. Every day of my life is sanctified and I observe a sacred fast every day.”

The Raja on hearing these words of wisdom was deeply impressed and touched, and enquired about the wherewithal of the Great Guru.

Sanmukh disclosed the holy name of Sri Guru Nanak Sahib. The Raja pleaded if he could also have the good fortune of having His darshans. Sanmukh submitted that as the Great Guru was knower of all hearts, the Raja should yearningly pray to the Guru for his blissful darshans which will certainly be bestowed.

It was after some time that three saints happened to camp at a dry and abandoned garden at a distance from the habitation. With their holy presence, the dry garden started blooming into unique freshness, charm and peace. The Raja was accordingly informed of the arrival and sojourn of these holy persons in his kingdom. He was also informed that waves of human beings were irresistably drawn to His sacred presence and there was no one left in the whole kingdom who did not seek to bask in the light and Grace of the Great Redeemer.

The Raja with the intention of testing the genuineness of the saints, decided to send the most attractive and beautiful dancers of his Darbar, to woo and charm them into submission. But when these emissaries of "Kam" reached the divine presence of Sri Guru Nanak Sahib and when His glance of grace fell on these women of ill-intent they strongly felt the stirrings of holy bliss within. These women of easy virtue were suddenly transformed into godesses of purity and truth. His one look was enough for this miraculous transformation. It was the same holy glance which when cast on Kauda Rakshash had transformed him into a god, and when cast on Sajjan Thag, a notorious robber and murderer, had instantly transformed him into a saint.

These women reported back to the Raja only to submit their resignation from their ill- reputed profession. Raja wonderstruck by such strange and miraculous transformation of these women, deeply repented over his false ego and pride, and immediately set out for rendering apologies at the feet of the Great Saints. He carried befitting and dignified offerings.

Placing all the royal offerings at the holy feet of Satguru, the Raja most humbly pleaded for their acceptance. The bestower of all auspiciousness and riches of the world, the Great Guru politely declined the offer.

The Raja then humbly requested the Great Guru to kindly visit and grace his palace and accept meals there. The Great Guru enquired as to what special Dakshina would be offered there.

The Raja with folded hands submitted : “Sara Raj Pat Hazar Hai” (This whole kingdom is an offering unto your holy feet, my Lord.)

Sri Guru Nanak Sahib : “Rajan offer something which is your own.”

Raja : “Sir, this whole kingdom is mine.”

Sri Guru Nanak Sahib : “No Rajan, offer something which is your own.”

Raja : “Sir, I am the Ruler and Raja of this whole kingdom of mine.”

Sri Guru Nanak Sahib : “No Rajan, your father, grand father, great-grand father also claimed this kingdom as their own. Similarly, whatever you have been claiming as your's in previous births is not your's. Offer something which is your own.”

Perplexed, the Raja then offered his body at the service of the Great Guru. Sri Guru Nanak Sahib again said, Rajan offer something which is your own.

The Raja again pleaded : “Sir, this body is mine.”

The Great Guru said : “For all your previous births, you committed the same blunder. You considered and identified yourself with the body but had to part with that. What use is this heap of dust? This is not yours. Can you offer something which is your own?”

Raja then pleaded : “Sir if this kingdom, wealth and possessions are not mine, then I offer my mind at your holy feet.”

The Great Guru again said : “Rajan, offer something which is your own.”

Raja said : “Sir, this mind is mine.”
Sri Guru Nanak Sahib : “Your mind controls you, it leads you astray, it makes you wander in all directions. It has completely overpowered you. You are a slave of your uncontrolled mind. Something which is beyond your control, you cannot call it your's. Offer something which is your's”


The Raja realised that this perishable body does not belong to him as do not his kingdom and worldly possessions. If the body itself does not belong to him, how can material possessions and worldly things be called his own. His mind was not under his control, rather it ruled over him.